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Study Materials & Class Culture

The institute provides comprehensive study material covering all the three subjects. The study material has been so designed that it does not leave any topic or aspect uncovered. Classroom presentation by the teachers and the subject coverage in the Strategic Study material together constitute the core of our thrust for success.

A. Detailed Theory Section

This part is aimed at building a clear concept and understanding of the fundamentals. The flow of the section is natural and smooth. Each lesson is carefully planned to motivate students and activate their reasoning process.
The contents of each lesson are identical to what is taught in the class. The problem solving techniques, special remarks and notes are the main feature of this section. The lessons are so designed that even an average student can completely understand the concepts. The theory is well defined and self explanatory.

B. Objective type questions

20,000 Objective type questions touch the very foundations of your understanding of the subject. This set consists of selected collection of Straight Objective Type, Multiple Correct Answers Type, Reasoning Type, Linked Comprehension Type,True – False Statement Type & Subjective Type.

Our Faculty and Classroom culture

Paradise Institute, teaching is not merely a profession. It is a mission to train students who would surely succeed in IIT-JEE Entrance examinations. More emphasis is given on the topics that have substantial weight age in the respective examinations. Few minutes at Paradise Institute are equivalent to hours spent by the student alone and without any guidance.

Typical concepts and the fundamentals are presented in such a manner so that students find them very easy to understand. The exhaustive lecture class is supplemented by ample of Tutorial sheet and study package. This study package converse exhaustive solved problems and illustrates each and every fundamental in a properly arranged and systematic fashion. These solved problems are continued by novelty practice problems. The solutions to the practice problems are discussed only after the submission of student’s efforts.

Faculty members themselves design the study material provided to student, under the supervision and guidance of Managing Director. This ensures a perfect co-relation with a class and study material.

After completion of complete syllabus, intensive discussion and doubt clarification session is promoted during February & March.