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Our Main Features

Our Main Features for Classroom Courses

  1. Exhaustive study material (Detail theory, 20,000 Straight Objective Type, Multiple Correct Answers Type, Reasoning Type, Linked Comprehension Type, True – False Statement Type & Subjective Type).
  2. Renowned, highly experienced & dedicated full time faculty.
  3. Exercises based on the problems: fundamental and basics.
  4. Exercises based on the problems: orientation to IT-JEE.
  5. Exercises based on the problems asked in IIT-JEE in the last thirty one years.
  6. Time management skills that will help you solve a large number of problems in a short time.
  7. Regular monitoring of the topic wise time bound assignments.
  8. Consolidate the knowledge by its application to problems.
  9. Remove confusions/doubts by solving problems.
  10. Sharpen the analytical ability by solving problems.
  11. Enhance the grip on the subjects by solving problems.
  12. Develop the confidence by solving problems
  13. Enhance the examination temperament by solving problems.
  14. Doubt removal sessions after every unit…. Availability of faculty for individual interaction.
  15. Well organised structure of topic wise tests and rehearsal exams.
  16. New and exciting problems in assignments and test.
  17. Develop problem –solving skills and teach students how to apply concepts.
  18. Regular Test at chapter and unit level…….Feedback on individual student performance.
  19. In – depth explanation of fundamentals followed by guided practice and application of concepts to IIT-JEE level problems.
  20. Discussion on tips and shortcuts.
  21. Specifically structured programme tuned to the learning needs and test taking skills of IIT-JEE aspirants.
  22. White board with extra light to have better visual concentration of the students.