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On the way to Success Mission

A Day Before Exam

It is enough to have studied the whole year. You might have covered the whole syllabus by now. Yes, you can go through the notes to recall your thoughts and refresh your memory. You can spend a little time to enjoy with your family members or watch T.V. to remove mental stress. This will increases your energy level. Prepare your stationery box with items like pen, HB pencil, rubber, sharpener, scale and wrist watch ready for the exam. Get your conveyance ready and fit in all respect. Do not keep any thing wrist watch ready for the exam. Get your conveyance ready and fit in all respect. Do not keep any thing wrist watch ready for the exam. Get your conveyance ready and fit in all respect. Do not keep any thing in mind that can put a unwanted stress on you. You should go to bed as early as possible and have a sound sleep at night.

On The Exam Day

Get up early in the morning.You may do morning walk for some time. Pay your prayer to the God. Have a light breakfast. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.Ensure that your conveyance is ready and fit in all respect. Collect your Admit Card. Collect your stationery items and wrist watch.Take the well wishes of elderly people and your parents.Wish every body you meet on the way. Feel more energetic than ever before and create a joyful atmosphere around you. Reach at the exam center at least 30 minutes before it starts. Walk confidently to the information board to know the room and seat number. Go to exam room as and when you are allowed to go.

In the Examination Room

Take your seat, organise yourself, feel comfortable and get ready to take the exam. By that time you will observe that the invigilator is distributing the exam paper.
Read the instructions given on the first page of the paper carefully. Do not remove seal of the paper until you are asked to do so.
Fill up all the entries as directed by the invigilator at the appropriate space.
Remove the seal of the paper. Take a ling breathe and feel comfortable on your seat. Check and note down the time to start the paper. Go through all the questions at once. Choose the subject of your choice to start at first. Now select the easiest question you feel and attempt with confidence. Mark your responses with pen or pencil as per the instructions, on the given OMR sheet. Maintain your speed so that the time so spared could be used in solving difficult questions. In the same way, give your response to each question one by one. On completion of the paper, go through all the responses you have marked and ensure its correctness. You should keep in mind that a response once marked is not allowed to be changed. By this time you might have completed the paper and may hand it over to the invigilator.

On the Completion of the Exam.

Now your competitive exam is over and you are at your liberty to enjoy with friends. As and when you feel comfortable, go through all the questions once again and try to find out the correct solutions with the help of your study material. It is necessary to know your weaknesses and correct yourself. It will help in securing your success in future